Conference Agenda & Schedule

7:30 - 3:30PM | Registration /Exhibit Hall Opens
  • Breakfast 7:30am-830 am
  • Register and Badge Pick-up (Entry)
  • Makeover Room Sessions begin
  • Health and Wellness Room opens
8:00 - 8:15 AM | Welcome


8:45 -9:45 AM | Breakout Session I

Option 1: Stop the Scroll: How to Use Video to Increase Your Audience on Every

Speaker: Nancy Basile

Video is the most popular medium on social media today. According to the Aberdeen Group, video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year than brands who use text or static images. But their study also showed that only 41% of marketers are using video. By adding a video to your social media strategy, you will immediately stand out from your competitors and “stop the scroll.” Does that mean you should pay a media company thousands of dollars to produce TV-quality videos? Nope. I’ll show you how to make compelling videos for every social media platform that won’t be a time suck and won’t break your budget


Option 2: BELONGING: A Conversation about Inclusion

Panel Discussion / Moderator: Todd Snovel


  • Holly Evans- President Evans Engineer
  • Dr. Lori E. Hatch-Rivera- Senior Pastor of MCC of the Spirit
  • Tameka Hatcher- Educational Outreach coordinator at Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission
  • Ramona Pereira-Chakka – Principal Deloitte Consulting    

The term inclusion captures, in one word, an all-embracing societal ideology. Meet our panel from different cultures, religions, beliefs as they share their wisdom and experience and they give us insight on how to make this ONE WORLD a better place to live and work




9:45 – 10:00 AM | Session Break
10:00 – 11:00 AM | Breakout Session II

Option 1: Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups.  Taking the leap!!!

Speaker: Toni Calderone

Life is, in fact, a process of learning through our mistakes, not in spite of them. It is a dynamic process in which you cannot get it right until you get it wrong first. So, in spite of its usual negative connotation, failure is actually the catalyst for success. In this session follow Toni’s journey. as she walks you through building a brand, finding the right team, knowing when it is safe to expand or stay in your wheelhouse.     


Option 2: The Cost of Clutter: How is it affecting your business?

Speaker: Laura Souders

In this session clutter expert Laura Souders explores why clutter happens at work, the effects clutter and disorganization have on your business, and the benefits being organized has on productivity. You will learn 4 easy steps to organizing which include Goals, Purging, Conscious Placement, and Maintaining


Option 3: Working Under Pressure- What 1st responders teach us in business

Panel Discussion / Moderator: Kim Kenawell-Hoffecker


  • Jerry Ozog-Executive Director at PA Fire and Emergency Services Institute; Deputy Chief – Hampden Township Volunteer Fire Company

Critical thinking is essential for 1st responders. On a daily basis, quick and accurate decisions are required as part of their daily job. 1st responders are required to have Confidence, Decisiveness, Prioritizing, Heart, and Compassion.

In this session, you will hear from our local emergency personnel and learn how to better respond to customer or client “emergencies, how to recruit and retain employees, and how working to support your community can build good business operations.

11:00 – 12:00 PM | Makeover Room / Vendors / Health and Wellness Room
12:00 – 1:30PM | Lunch / Award Ceremony / KEYNOTE Speaker

12 -12:45pm  Welcome and Keynote Presenation

12:45pm -1:30pm Awards Ceremony



The Shift to Service Excellence

Are you ready to respond more rapidly and creatively to the customer experience? Are you ready to shift your culture to one of service excellence and accountability? Whether you are a solopreneur, entrepreneur or intrapreneur…this program will shift your mindset, deliverables, and outcomes!

Experience WOWTcomes



1:30 – 2:00PM | Session Break


2:00PM – 3:00 PM | Breakout Session III

The Cost of Being a Superwoman

Speaker: Linda Franchock

Women are amazing doers, achievers, and caregivers. But over time life’s daily routines, demands, and responsibilities can heighten to levels that require “superhuman” abilities just to survive the day.

Chronic stress, anxiety, and dissatisfaction signal symptoms of an unsustainable lifestyle. And as a result, your values, health and wellness risk being sacrificed causing detrimental outcomes. Women begin craving a change toward a more authentic lifestyle but are overwhelmed by how to make that happen. In this session, you will learn how to begin the change process toward realizing your desired lifestyle and living your values with joy.


Option 2: Brand Master: Branding Yourself (and your Business!)

Speaker: Bitsy McCann

An effective brand strategy can provide a huge advantage in increasingly competitive markets. Nowadays, potential clients check you out online and decide how they feel about you – before they even work with you. Attend this session if you’re ready to take your branding to the next level. In this session you will learn:

         How to Brand Better

         How Social Media Affects Us All and What Not to Do Online 

         Tips and Tricks to Authenticity


Option 3: Navigating Intergenerational Workplace

Panel Discussion / Moderator: Sheri Collins


  • John Dame – Business Strategist / Vistage Chair
  • Anna May Nauss – President/CEO Americhoice Federal Credit Union
  • Regilynn Haywood – Owner / There She Glows
  • Alex Swan

The difference between older and younger generations is preferred communication. Learn how to bridge the gap and navigate working in an intergenerational workplace

3:00-3:30 pm | Vendor Time


3:30pm | Door Prize Giveaways

Location: Main Ballroom